Can cats eat croissants?

 03 November 2022 0  Comments 1465  views

It's no secret that croissants are delicious, buttery, decadent, and enjoyed by everyone worldwide for breakfast with a nice cup of coffee. But what about cats?

There is no evidence that croissants are toxic to cats, but it's best to avoid feeding them as treats or as a meal. Croissants contain several ingredients that cats shouldn't consume.

Usually, if your cat goes for your croissants, he is after the butter, not the bread! Butter contains animal fat, and that's what your cat craves! Many cats also like the salt and overall textures of croissants.

There are far too many carbohydrates, fats, and sodium in croissants for your cat to consume. While they might be a great addition to your family breakfast spread, they shouldn't be served to your cat.

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